Kanji: 一 ichi one

And so begins your kanji journey and it couldn’t get any easier! (…and believe me it won’t!)

Listen to the sound files for the correct pronunciation.
                JLPT N5: 1 / 100 | 1 Stroke

Mnemonic: It is a number “1” on its side. Draw the single stroke from left to right.

On: イチ
Kun: ひと・つ
one; 1


  • いち) one; the number one
  • 一番(いちばん) #1; the best
  • 世界一(せかいいち) the best in the world
  • 一人(ひとり) one person; alone [notice the irregular pronunciation. It isn't "ichi hito."]

Where is the best place?
[ichiban is often used this way to show the best of something: ichiban oishii—the most delicious]

  • どこが where ... [どこ (where) + が (subject marker)]
  • 一番 #1; the best
  • いいところ a good place
  • ですか [copula to be verb with question ender]

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  • Great idea and very helpful.
    Just one tiny quibble- there are 4 examples given but in the audio there are five. The second one ひとつ is not in the written examples.
    Same with に. The second audio example ふたつ is also missing.
    Sorry to be a pedant. My cross in life to bear ????

    • Sorry for the confusion. The audio includes the On and Kun readings (above the audio player). That’s where the ひとつ came from.

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