Kanji: 四 yon four

JLPT N5: 4 / 100 | 5 Strokes

Stroke Order:

Stroke order for the kanji for four 四

Practice drawing over the gray kanji.

On: シ
Kun: よん; よっ・つ

Mnemonics: Think of two little legs dangling in a FOUR-sided box.


  •  four [can be pronounced シ or よん]
  • 四級(よんきゅう) 4th grade
  • 四月(よんがつ) April [the 4th month]

Learn through studying sentences! 

Examine the following sentences and then practice your knowledge with the Sentence Scramble Game below.


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary


Translation and Vocabulary

Sentence Scramble Game

Sentence Scramble Game

Drag and drop the words into the correct order:

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    • Japanese has many counters. Kind of like the “cup” in how we say “a cup of coffee.” “hiki” is a counter for smaller animals.

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