October 26, 2017

ポンコツ Piece of Junk


piece of junk

junk, junky, piece of junk

ポンコツ pon kotsu junky; Used to described old cars and machines that are in less than perfect condition.

There are no kanji. You got off easy today. - [B]

Ummm... Which car is mine?



boku no kuruma wa nandakke? porushe ka, ranborugi-ni ka? aa, souka, ponkotsu datta!
My car, what was it now? Porsche? Lamborghini? Ah, I remember, it's a... piece of junk!

  • ポンコツ ponkotsu - junky [this word may have come from the word for the large hammer blacksmiths use to pound metal.]
  • ぼく boku - I [used mainly by boys and men; Adding a の NO after BOKU makes it mean [my]]
  • 車 kuruma - car
  • 何だっけ nandakke - What was that? [the KE at the end is often used to impress on the listener that the answer is on the tip of your tongue.]
  • ポルシェ porushe - Porsche
  • か ka - or used with lists of this or that...
  • ランボルギーニ ranborugi-ni - Lamborghini
  • あっ、そうか a, souka - Oh yeah [I remember]! [the small っ TSU shows a sudden stop as if surprised.]
  • だった! datta - was [The car is still a piece of junk, but since the person finally remembers what he was thinking of, he uses a past tense.]

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