October 26, 2017

寒中水泳 Swimming in the Middle of Winter

寒中水泳 (かんちゅうすいえい)

swimming in the middle of winter

kan chuu sui ei
swimming in the middle of winter; a midwinter swim

寒 kan cold
中 chuu middle, in the midst of
水 sui water
泳 ei swimming

寒い samui - cold (weather) [B]
勉強中 benkyou chuu - while studying, in the midst of studying [I]
水中 sui chuu - underwater [I]
水曜日 sui you bi - Wednesday [B]

At last! Harold's induction to the Polar Bear Club will be complete...



shumi desu ka? dokusho to kitte shuushuu to kanchuusuiei desu.
My hobbies? They are reading books, collecting stamps and swimming in the dead of winter.

  • 趣味 shumi - hobby
  • 趣味ですか? shumi desu ka? - what is (my) hobby? [The person is repeating a question asked to himself.]
  • 読書 doku sho - reading books
  • 切手 kitte - postal stamp
  • 切手収集 kitte shuu shuu - collecting stamps

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