October 26, 2017

仮説 Hypothesis

仮説 (かせつ)


ka setsu

仮 ka temporary
説 setsu explain

片仮名 katakana - Katakana [B]
小説 shou setsu - a novel (book), story [I]
説明 setsu mei - explanation [B]

It all started with a little honey smuggling job...



ho-muzu no ka setsu ni yotte hannin no kuma no pu-san wa tai ho sareta.
Through Holmes hypothesis, the offender, Winnie the Pooh was captured.

  • ホームズ ho-muzu - Holmes [usually when foreign names have an "L" in it, the preceding vowel is made longer]
  • によって ni yotte - by; according to
  • 犯人 han nin - offender; criminal
  • 熊のプーさん kuma no pu- san - Winnie the Pooh
  • 逮捕された tai ho sareta - was arrested [taiho - arrest, capture; sareta - makes it passive]

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