old word for frog

(old word for かえる kaeru- Frog)

The kanji for Frog is 蛙. Both the old kawazu and the modern kaeru pronunciation use this kanji
The sound of frogs in Japanese is gero or gwa
To hear and learn about the FROG SONG click here

かえる kaeru - the modern, non-samurai frog [B]
蛙飛び kaeru tobi - the game of leap frog [I]
雨蛙 ama gaeru - tree frog [lit. rain frog] [I]

It isn't easy being green. Or poetic.



furu ike ya / kawazu tobikomu / mizu no oto
an old pond / a frog jumps! / the sound of water

Today's suggested usage is not from my imagination, but from Japan's most well-known poet, Basho furu ike - old pond

  • 古池 furu ike - old pond
  • 飛び込む tobi komu - to jump in, plunge
  • 水の音 mizu no oto - sound of water

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