October 26, 2017

気取る Put on Airs

気取る (きど )

put on airs; conceited; styling; all the frills

put on airs, conceited, styling, all the frills!

気 ki spirit, mood, mind
取 d(t)oru take, grab

気が短い ki ga mijikai - short tempered [I]
気になる ki ni naru - become interested in, be anxious about [I]
気のせい ki no sei - just (my) imagination [I]
気をつけて ki o tsukete - Be careful! Take care. [B]
取りあえず toriaezu - for now, for the time being [B]
塵取り chiri tori - dust pan [I]

Despite seconds of mental preparation, Henry's clip-on bow tie proved to be a formidable opponent.



ki dotta yuki otoko wa chou nekutai o shite ita.
A spiffed up Abominable Snowman, was sporting a bow tie.

  • 気取った ki dotta - (past tense)
  • 雪男 yuki otoko - The Abominable Snowman
  • 蝶ネクタイ chou nekutai - bow tie [chou means butterfly - so a bow tie is in the shape of a butterfly. || nekutai comes from neck and tie meaning neck tie - sometimes they have to make it so difficult!]
  • していた shite ita - was sporting

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