April 10, 2020

Kiyasume — temporary ease of mind


placebo; temporary ease of mind; allay one’s anxiety; just to satisfy; peace of mind; consolation

Use when words, actions, advice, ideas, or things are used to provide consolation. It is usually used when the solace is temporary or ultimately useless.

気休めになる kiyasume ni naru—ease one’s mind; be of some consolation

気休めの言葉 kiyasume no kotoba—hollow words of comfort; a comforting lie

一時的な気休め ichiji teki na iyasume—momentary solace


sono kusuri wa kiyasume ni shika naranai.
That medicine is nothing but a placebo.


sou kangaeru to sukoshi wa kiyasume ni naru
Thinking of it that way, I feel a little better.

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