December 20, 2022

Learn Japanese with Anime: Chainsaw Man – Your Type of Guy

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This manga/anime is about a young man named デンジ who is a Devil Hunter. His sidekick is a dog-like chainsaw devil who helps him take out other devils. At one point, デンジ is at the verge of death and the dog-like chainsaw devil fuses himself with デンジ which revives him and gives him chainsaw super powers.

Yes, it sounds pretty… bad and it is violent, but it is super popular right now and his Japanese is fun. He wasn’t raised well and speaks very low-class and crude Japanese.

In other words, he speaks the kind of Japanese you shouldn’t speak.

But understanding it is important for learners of Japanese. This is an opportunity to learn Japanese that absolutely won’t be found in textbooks!

This scene is from episode 2 around the 6 minute mark. This scene is fairly standard Japanese and would be fine to repeat. He just learns the name of a mysterious woman, マキマさん, and asks her this question.

Let’s go over the vocabulary found in the scene

す… ()きな(おとこ)の タイプとか あります?

liked | man | of | type | such as | exists

What… What's your type of guy?



Denji | Mr. | similar to | person

Someone like Denji.



Denji | Mr. | I | isn’t it

Denji? That’s me!?


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