December 2, 2022

Learn Japanese with Anime: Spy x Family ちち、ものすごいうそつき Father is a Big Liar

Spy x Family スパイファミリー is about a dad who is a spy who, for his mission, adopts a girl and finds a woman willing to pretend to be his wife. The mom is an assassin, and a little girl is a telepath. The father doesn’t know about the mother’s job and the mother doesn’t know about the father’s job. Neither parent knows about the girl’s power. Only the little girl knows all… And she thinks its so cool.

It’s a fun show and one of the most popular anime in Japan right now.

The key phrase for today's lesson is:



Father is a big liar, but he’s a cool liar.

Let’s go over the vocabulary found in the scene



[ちち is only used to refer to one’s own father informally. Other words for “father” may be used to refer to other fathers and or one’s own: お(とう)さん (one’s own or someone else’s; formal); パパ (one’s own or someone else’s; casual)]


incredible; staggering; extreme

[ものすごい literally means “amazing thing”: (もの) (thing) (すご)い (amazing; great; wonderful; terrific); it takes すごい up a level – not just amazing but super amazing.]



[うそつき is a noun that refers to a person as being a liar. The verb form is うそを()く (to tell a lie)]



[The でも turns the previous statement into a compliment.]



[かっこいい literally means “one’s shape or appearance is good”]

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