January 1, 2023

Learn Japanese with Anime: Spy x Family – Drunk Yor

Spy x Family スパイファミリー is about a dad who is a spy who, for his mission, adopts a girl and finds a woman willing to pretend to be his wife. The mom is an assassin, and a little girl is a telepath. The father doesn’t know about the mother’s job and the mother doesn’t know about the father’s job. Neither parent knows about the girl’s power. Only the little girl knows all… And she thinks its so cool.

It’s a fun show and one of the most popular anime in Japan right now.

In today’s scene from Season 1 Episode 24, Yor... gets drunk.

In this scene, Yor takes to drinking to gain the courage to ask if Loid wants to dump her as his pretend wife. He wants to encourage her in her role as his wife by suggesting they actually marry. However, her 「ドキンコメーター」 (heart thump meter) overflows and her assassin skills take over…

Let’s go over the vocabulary found in the scene

(ぼく)のこと (きら)いですか?

Do you hate me?


えっ いや… そんなことは…

No… not at all…


ヨルさん、(ぼく)は ずっとそばにいて

Yor, being by your side all this time


自分(じぶん)気持(きも)ちに 気付(きづ)いてしまった。

has made me realize my true feelings.


あの… ロロロイ ロロ… ロイさん!

Um… Loid… Loid…


(ぼく)は あなたと 本物(ほんもの)夫婦(ふうふ)

I want this marriage to be real--


ハッ! わらし (なに)を?

Oh, what have I done?


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