October 26, 2017

夢中 Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy

理想的 (りそうてき)



ri sou teki

理 ri a principle, reason
想 sou idea, thought
的 teki added for generalization; example: 革命 kaku mei (revolution) -> 革命的 kaku mei teki (revolutionary)

義理 gi ri - social obligation, something you have to do [A]
料理 ryou ri - food, cooking [B]
感想 kan sou - impressions, thoughts [I]
具体的 gu tai teki - concretely (as opposed to abstract) [A]

It all started with a little honey smuggling job...



yatto, pu-san no kobun tachi wa risou teki na kakureba o mitsuketa.
At last! Pooh's henchmen found the ideal hiding place

  • やっと yatto - at last
  • プーさん pu-san - Winnie the Pooh [His full name in Japanese is 熊のプーさん kuma no pu-san]
  • 子分たち ko bun tachi - henchman; follower [the たち tachi makes it plural [like わたし watashi (I) -> わたしたち watshi tachi (we)]]
  • 隠れ場 kakure ba - hiding place
  • 見つけた mitsuketa - found

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夢中 Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy

Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate
| A = Advanced

mu chuu
Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy

mu dream

chuu middle, in the midst, during

yume – dream [B]

夢を見る yume o miru – to (see) have a dream [B]
夢遊病 mu yuu byou – sleep walking [A]
営業中 ei gyou chuu – open for business [I]
寒中水泳 kan chuu sui ei – swimming in the dead of winter [A]
集中 shuu chuu – concentrate, concentration [I]

Ah! Fair Maid Marion…


marian hime ni muchuu ni natte iru node, robin fuddo wa ya no houkou o machigaete shimaimashita.

While lost in thought over Maid Marion, Robin Hood loaded his arrow in backward.


マリアン姫 marian hime – Maid Marion (princess Marion)

~に夢中 ~ ni mu chuu – To be lost in thought over ~

になっている ni natte iru – is doing shows the process of doing something
ので node – because shows cause and effect
ロビンフッド robin fuddo – Robin Hood The closest sound in Japanese to HU is FU. So www.yahoo.com is pronounced yaFU

ya – arrow
方向 hou kou – direction
間違えて ma chigaete – to make a mistake

しまいました shimaimashita – gives the sentence an unfortunate feel.

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Sharing is Caring…

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