October 6, 2022

JLPT N5 Grammar: になる・になります ~ni naru

になる・になります to become; to result in; to change into

The verb itself is 「なる」 but except for -i adjectives (see the "How to Use" section), the に particle is most often used with it.

になります is a useful tool for expressing a change in state: "to become" or "change into."

になる or となる?!

A similar expression is 「となる」 (uses the と quotation particle rather than the に).

It means basically the same thing, but it may have the following differences/nuances:

  1. となる may sound more formal
  2. となる describes an unexpected or big change and になる covers all types of changes including expected changes.
  3. となる is often used in formal writing
  4. となる is only used with nouns + となる and verbs + こととなる. となる cannot be used with adjectives (but になる can).

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■  Nouns: Noun + になる

Example: 大人(おとな)なる (to become an adult)


■  Verbs: Dictionary plain form + ことになる

Example: ()ことになる ((I'm) going to go.)


■  -na Adjectives: stem (minus the な) + になる

Example: きれいなりたい ((I) want to be beautiful.)

■  -i Adjectives: stem (minus the final い) + く + なる

Example: (ねむ) → (ねむ)なりました。 (I became sleepy.)



Next week, I'll become 40.
[next week | I | as for | 40 | age | will become]

Vocabulary & Notes


His face turned red.
[his | face | red | became]

Vocabulary & Notes


Since なる is a verb, it can be conjugated in normal ways:

  • なる or なります to become (plain form and polite ます form)
  • なった or なりました became (past)
  • なっている or なっています is becoming (continuous present)
  • ならない or なりません isn't becoming (negative)
  • ならなかった or なりませんでした didn't become (past negative)
  • なりたい want to become

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