猫ばば (ねこ    )

embezzlement; stealing; pocketing

neko baba
take something someone left as your own; pocket (to swip something regardless of whose it is)

猫 neko cat
ばば baba poop [kanji: 糞 (with the character for rice [米] and different [異] - rice becomes something different)]

猫舌 neko jita - sensitive to hot food or drink; weak tongue (like a cat lapping too hot milk) [A]
子猫 ko neko - kitten [lit. child cat] [B]



inu no pochi wa neko no tama no gohan o nekobaba shita.
Pochi the dog swipped Tama the cats food.

  • 犬のポチ inu no pochi - Pochi the dog [NOTE: Pochi is a generic dog name like Rover.]
  • 猫のタマ neko no tama - Tama the cat [Tama is a common cat name]
  • ごはん gohan - food [it really means rice but is usually used to mean a meal]

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