忍者走り (にんじゃばし  )

running ninja-style

nin ja bashiri
running ninja-style

忍者 nin ja a ninja
忍 nin patience, endure, secret, sneak
者 sha (sound changes to ja) someone, a person, man
走り hashiri (again sound change to Bashiri) to run

忍耐 nin tai - patience, endurance [I]
医者 issha - doctor [B]
学者 gaku sha - scholar [I]
脱走 dassou - escape [A]

It all started with a little honey smuggling job...


クレイの(ことわざ): 「忍者走(にんじゃばし)をするとき、(くつ)ひもがゆるんでいると悲惨(ひさん)なことを(まね)く」

kurei no kotowaza: ninjabashiri o suru toki, kutsuhimo ga yurundeiru to hisan na koto o maneku.
Clays proverb: When running ninja-style, having loose shoestrings invites misery.

  • クレイの諺 kurei no kotowaza - Clay's (that's me) proverb
  • するとき suru toki - when this is done
  • 靴ひも kutsu himo - shoe strings
  • ゆるんでいる yurun deiru - the state of being loose The ~deiru form of yurui (loose) which makes it mean loose now or loose-ing
  • と to - if this happens, then this will also happen; and
  • 悲惨 hi san - misery; unhappy; terrible
  • こと koto - a thing; matter
  • 招く maneku - to invite

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