April 28, 2024

Now that You Mention It! そう言(い)われてみれば…


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The phrase そう()われてみれば is a commonly used expression in Japanese that helps convey a moment of realization or reconsideration in response to someone else's remark. It's akin to saying "Now that you mention it..." or "That makes me think..." in English. This phrase is useful in conversations, especially when acknowledging a new perspective or agreeing with a point just made by another speaker.

Other translations:

  • Now that you mention it...
  • Come to think of it...
  • Now that you say that...
  • That makes me think.
  • You might have a good point.
  • When you put it that way...

You can see how useful this simple phrase is for conversational Japanese.

Let's look at how it is constructed.


While there are many ways to express this concept, let’s first breakdown our main expression, そう()われてみれば:

  • そう This way, thus, so
  • ()われて Passive form of ()う, meaning "to say" or "to be told"
  • みれば Conditional form of ()る, meaning "to see" or "to consider"

When put together, そう()われてみれば literally translates to "if it is seen that way when said," but it functionally means "Now that you mention it."

Meaning and Usage

そう()われてみれば is used when a speaker wants to express that they are considering something in a new light, often as a result of what someone else has just pointed out. It suggests a shift in viewpoint or an acknowledgment that the speaker hadn't considered that angle before.

Example Dialogue:

A: この計画(けいかく)(すこ)しリスクが(たか)すぎるかもしれない。

B: そう()われてみれば、(ほか)選択肢(せんたくし)(かんが)えた(ほう)がいいかもしれませんね。

A: "This plan might be a bit too risky."

B: "Now that you mention it, it might be better to consider other options."


Other Similar Expressions


Come to think of it, maybe you are right.



I remember now that you mention it.



Now that you mention it, you may be right.



Now that you mention it, it’s true



I didn't think of it until you said it.


Now, go out and use this phrase in your next Japanese conversation!

Makoto+ Members, click here to download all the sound files and a PDF for this lesson. Practice makes perfect!

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  • Great examples. It would be even better if you also include Hiragana above or below Kanji words for beginners like me to learn.

    • The furigana is there! It’s just hidden. If you are on a computer, mouse over the kanji. If you are on a mobile device, tap the kanji. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.

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