男らしい (おとこ      )

manly; like a man; masculine

otoko rashii
manly, like a man, masculine

男 otoko man, male
らしい rashii like, seems like

男の子 otoko no ko - boy, man-child [B]
雪男 yuki otoko - the Abominable Snowman [I]

The manly pink shirt.



ore no otokorashii pinku no shatsu wa doko kashira.
I wonder wherever could my manly pink shirt be.

  • 俺 ore - I, me [Used only by men; I don't advise using this unless you know enough Japanese to know when NOT to say this. It has a very rough sound to it and is often seen as impolite. For the most part men and women use 私 watashi.]
  • 俺の ore no - my
  • らしい rashii - seems like, like This is added to nouns. There is another usage of らしい rashii which is placed at the end of a sentence and modifies the entire sentence and not just the one noun. It basically means the same thing, but lets focus on the noun-rashii now...
    I think otokorashii is the most useful noun+rashii, but lets look at some other examples:
    Can you guess what they mean? [answers are below]

    1. 猫らしい neko rashii - ______________
    2. 人間らしい ningen rashii - ______________
    3. 日本人らしい nihonjin rashii - ______________
    4. 女らしい onna rashii - ______________
    5. マリリン・モンローらしい maririn monro- rashii - ______________

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  • ピンク pinku - the color pink
  • シャツ shatsu - a shirt
  • どこ doko - where?

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