January 13, 2023

Learn Japanese with TV: 警視庁(けいしちょう)アウトサイダー | She’s Aiming for Him

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警視庁(けいしちょう)アウトサイダー Is a new police drama/comedy about a copy who was newly transferred from an organized crimes unit. In this scene, two ladies from the station are talking about the new guy, who is played by 西島(にしじま) 秀俊(ひでとし)

It’s based on a novel with the same name:


Let’s go over the vocabulary found in the scene


soon | that guy | ‘s | matter| research

Find out about him right away.



such a | fellow | to | our | station | (direct object marker) | if laid waste | trouble (emphatic)

We can't afford to have a guy like that in our station.


(とく)結婚(けっこん)してるのか恋人(こいびと)いるのかその(へん) 重点的(じゅうてんてき)に。

especially | is married | such as | lover | exists | such as | that | area | prioritize

Most importantly, find out if he's married or has a girlfriend.


(ねら)ってる〜。この(ひと) いきなり(ねら)ってる。

aiming | this | person | all of the sudden | aiming

She's after him. Just like that, she's after him.


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