May 13, 2022

Shadowing Japanese with Yumi – Katakana Phrases Part 3

Want to improve your listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary all at once? Shadowing after Yumi is a great way to do just that.

Table of Contents

What is shadowing? 

First read or listen to the phrase. Once you are sure you have the meaning, say the phrase with Yumi or repeat it immediately after her.

Open your ears to hear the pitch accents, vowel pronunciation, and intonation of the phrases. Then open your mouth to practice mimicking.

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Let's practice useful Japanese words constructed from English today.

ハンカチ handkerchief

Ah, I forgot my handkerchief in the bathroom.

ホッチキス stapler

Where is the stapler?

ホットケーキ pancake; hotcake

Today's snack is pancakes and coffee.

イギリス England

Last year, I took a trip to England.

インスタ Instagram

I haven't used Instagram recently.

インフレ Inflation

Due to inflation, I will have to put off buying a house.

イラスト illustration

Tanaka is good at illustration.

ジェットコースター roller coaster

I don't like roller coasters.

ジーパン jeans

I wear jeans everyday.

ジュース soda (may or may not contain any juice)

Don't drink too much soda.

カンニング cheating (on a test)

I hear that person's son cheated at school.

カラオケ karaoke

Let's go karaoking now.

キッチンペーパー paper towel

I spilled my coffee. Please give me a paper towel.

コーヒー coffee

Good morning. The coffee's ready.

コンビニ convenience store

Go buy some eggs at the convenience store.

コンクール contest; competition

She won the competition.

コンセント power outlet

 Don't touch the power outlets.

コップ cup; a glass

Where are the cups?

コスプレ cosplay

My older brother is big into cosplay.

クラブ club; society

After joining the shogi club, I've become smarter.

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