May 3, 2022

Shadowing with Yumi – Morning Phrases

Want to improve your listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary all at once? Shadowing after Yumi is a great way to do just that.

What is shadowing? 

First read or listen to the phrase. Once you are sure you have the meaning, say the phrase with Yumi or repeat it immediately after her.

Open your ears to hear the pitch accents, vowel pronunciation, and intonation of the phrases. Then open your mouth to practice mimicking.

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Let's practice useful morning conversational phrases today.

  1. おはようございます。 Good morning.
  2. 田中(たなか)さん、おはよう。 Good morning, Mr. (or Ms) Tanaka
  3. ()きる時間(じかん)だよ! It's time to get up!
  4. そろそろ()きる時間(じかん)だよ。 It's about time to get up.
  5. 毎朝(まいあさ)()()きます。 I get up at 6 every morning.
  6. すみません、()()ごしました! Sorry! I overslept.
  7. ふぅ~、寝坊(ねぼう)するところだった。 I almost overslept.
  8. 昨日(きのう)(おそ)かったの? Did you have a late night last night?
  9. (ねむ)い。もっと()たい。 I'm sleepy. I want to go back to bed.
  10. (あさ)(はん)ができましたよ! Breakfast is ready.
  11. (あさ)ごはんは(なに)? What's for breakfast?
  12. パンを()べて。 Have some bread.
  13. 牛乳(ぎゅうにゅう)いる? Do you want some milk?
  14. コーヒーこぼしちゃった。 I spilled my coffee.
  15. (なか)いっぱいになった? Are you full?
  16. シャワーを()びなきゃ。 I have to take a shower.
  17. ()(みが)かなきゃ。 I have to brush my teeth
  18. (なに)()ればいいかなあ。 I wonder what I should wear.
  19. テレビをつけて。天気予報(てんきよほう)()たい。 Turn on the TV. I want to check the weather.
  20. 元気(げんき)ですか? How are you?
  21. 元気(げんき)ですよ。あなたは? I'm fine. How are you?
  22. 調子(ちょうし)はどう? How's it going?
  23. 今日(きょう)天気(てんき)はどう? What will today's weather be like?
  24. 今日(きょう)はいい天気(てんき)だよ。 The weather is fine today.
  25. きのうはよく(ねむ)れましたか? Did you sleep well last night?
  26. よく()た。 I slept well.
  27. (いぬ)にえさをあげて。 Feed the dog.
  28. 昨日(きのう)(きみ)(ゆめ)()たよ! You were in my dream last night.
  29. やばい、こんな時間(じかん)! Oh no. Look at the time!
  30. あまり時間(じかん)がないんだ。 I don't have much time.
  31. (あさ)ごはんを()べる時間(じかん)がない。 I don't have time for breakfast.
  32. いってきます。 I'm off!
  33. いってらっしゃい。 Bye. (Said when someone leaves the house)
  34. ()一日(いちにち)を! Have a nice day.
  35. ()をつけてね! Take care!
  36. 今日(きょう)予定(よてい)は? What are your plans for today?
  37. (なに)予定(よてい)はないよ。 I don't have any plans.
  38. 今日(きょう)、ちょっと時間(じかん)がありますか? Are you free today?
  39. 今日(きょう)はちょっと(いそが)しい。 I'm a little busy today.
  40. 今日(きょう)はアポがあるんだ。 I have an appointment today.
  41. 今日(きょう)残業(ざんぎょう)があるんだ。 I'll work late today.
  42. 学校(がっこう)()用意(ようい)をしてね。 Get ready for school.
  43. 用意(ようい)できた? Are you ready?
  44. 仕事(しごと)がんばってね! Do your best at work
  45. バスはもうすぐ()るよ。 The bus will come soon.
  46. ああ~、バス()っちゃった。 I missed the bus.
  47. (かえ)りに玉子(たまご)()ってね。 Buy some eggs on your way home.
  48. (いそ)いで()かなきゃ。 I have to go in a hurry.
  49. またあとで!バイバイ! Catch you later! Bye.

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