しぶい子供 (    こども)

sophisticated child


shibui kodomo
Sophisticated Child

しぶい shibui elegance; unobtrusive sophistication
子供 ko domo child; children

渋柿 shibu gaki - sour persimmon [A]
渋滞 juu tai - traffic congestion [I]
子犬 ko inu - puppy [B]

Given a chance, little Frank can push the boundaries of kindergarten culture.



furanku chan wa shibui kodomo nanode, shinatora shika utaimasen.
Little Frank has such a touch of sophistication about him, he only sings Sinatra.

  • フランク furanku - Frank
  • ちゃん chan - chan is mainly used for girls but can be used for small boys as well
  • しぶい shibui - Shibui is one of those hard-to-translate words! It implies a state of coolness and maybe even old-fashioned coolness. Elegance, quiet tastes, and a kind of maturity that everyone can instantly recognize.
  • ので node - therefore, so...
  • シナトラ shinatora - Sinatra whose first name is shared by our hero (Frank)
  • しか shika - only this [Always is paired with a negative verb. nihongo shika hanasemasen. (I only speak Japanese)]
  • 歌いません utaimasen - not sing

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