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真【しん】 (real)⁠
犯人【はんにん】 (offender; culprit; criminal)⁠
は as for... (topic marker)⁠
でした was [past of です]⁠

Listen to the audio and refer to the transcript below

こんにちは。由美(ゆみ)です。 Instagram に「真犯人(しんはんにん)(ねこ)でした」という(ぶん)()せました。これを解説(かいせつ)してみたいと(おも)います。







Hello. I'm Yumi. I put this sentence on Instagram "The real culprit was a cat". I'd like to explain this.

You all know the word "criminal", don't you? A person who does something wrong and gets caught by the police, or a person who has been caught, is called "hannin". The word "true criminal" has "shin" at the beginning of "hannin". The word "shin" means "real" or "true," so the word "shinhannin" means a real criminal or a true criminal.

It means it isn't a lie or a fake criminal.

This word is used in mystery novels and TV dramas when there are several people who seem to be the culprit or who might be the culprit, and one of them, you, You are the real culprit! It is used in that sense.

 "I thought that Mr. A was the culprit, but the real culprit is you. It's like this. The word "shinhannin" is not often used in ordinary conversation, but it does appear in TV programs and novels, so please keep it in mind.

From the sentence "The real culprit was a cat" that we put on our Instagram, it is possible that a non-cat person or a dog or something was caught as the culprit. Please remember the word "shinhannin".

This was Yumi. Bye bye.

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