October 26, 2017

証拠隠滅 Destruction of Evidence

証拠隠滅 (しょうこいんめつ)

destruction of evidence

shou ko in metsu
destruction of evidence

証拠 shou ko evidence, proof
隠滅 in metsu destuction
証 shou
拠 ko
隠 in or kakureru conceal, hide
滅 metsu destroy, ruin

保険証 ho ken shou - insurance card [A]
証人 shou nin - witness [I]
隠れる kakureru - to hide, hidden [I]
隠れん坊 kakuren bou - hide and go seek game [I]
隠密 on mitsu - a spy [A]

The document is said to have contained sensitive information on the whereabouts of Pooh's honey...


Wait until someone uses the shredder at the office and then announce to everyone, 証拠隠滅

The shredder scene is most effective, however there are other possible applications. Take, for example, the taking out of trash, the tossing of logs on the fire, being asked, "Do you have any WHITE OUT?," and an open mouth ready to take a bite of food.

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