January 27, 2022

瞬間移動 Teleportation [UPPER BEGINNERS+]



Literally, “instantenous transfer."

  • 瞬間 moment; second; instant [瞬 (wink; blink; twinkle) + 間 (interval; space)]
  • 移動 movement; transfer; migration [移 (shift; move; change; drift) + 動 (move; motion; change)]

しかし、この(からだ)じゃ トイレまで(とお)いな

However, with this (small) body, the bathroom is really far.

  • しかし but; however
  • この this
  • 体 body
  • じゃ as for with (this body) [contraction of では]
  • トイレ bathroom
  • まで until (bathroom); getting to (the bathroom)
  • 遠い far
  • な (emphatic ender)


I guess I'll just go by teleportation.

  • 瞬間移動 teleportation
  • で by (teleportation)
  • 行く to go
  •  か [used when making a decision for oneself: I guess I'll... (do something)]

    Useful if you are able to teleport. Otherwise, only useful if you watch sci-fi anime.


    I'd like to be able to teleport.)

  • 瞬間移動 teleportation
  • できるようになりたい want to become possible [できるようになる (to become possible) + たい (want to)]

  • 瞬間移動(しゅんかんいどう)ができるなら、どこに()きたい?

    If you could teleport, where would you go?

  • 瞬間移動 teleportation
  • が (particle usually marking the subject or sometimes object)
  • できる able; can
  • なら if
  • どこに to where
  • 行きたい want to go
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