October 27, 2017

瞬間 a Moment

瞬間 (しゅんかん)


shun kan
moment, an instant

瞬 shun wink, twinkle
間 kan interval, space

一時間 ichi ji kan - one hour (interval) [B]
居間 i ma - living room [I]
人間 nin gen - human beings [B]
瞬き matataki - wink (eye), twinkle (star) [A]
瞬く間に matataku ma ni - in a split second [A]

The exact moment when the mysteries of は and が were unlocked.



tensai henri- kun ga, sekai ichi muzukashii mondai o toita shunkan.
The actual moment when boy genius Henry solved the world's most difficult problem.

  • 天才 ten sai - genius
  • ヘンリ君 henri kun - Henry
  • 世界一 se kai ichi - the most ---- in the world
  • 難しい muzukashii - difficult
  • 問題 mon dai - problem
  • 解いた toita - solved (a problem) [from 解ける (to solve)]

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