October 26, 2017

雪だるま Snowman

雪だるま (ゆき    )


The biggest difference in Western and Japanese snowmen is Japanese yuki daruma have only 2 parts - head and waist. They have no legs! The hat in the picture is supposed to be a bucket.

yuki daruma

雪 yuki snow

雪合戦 yuki gassen - snow fight [B]
雪かき yuki kaki - shovel snow [I]

Frosty in the Florida sun



yukidaruma no furo-suti wa, yume datta furorida ryokou ni ikimashita ga, sore wa akumu ni owatta.
Frosty the snowman's Florida dream vacation ended in a nightmare.

  • 夢 yume - dream [just like the English, it can also mean what you dream about for the future]
  • フロリダ旅行 furorida ryokou - Florida trip
  • 行きました ikimashita - went [past tense and -masu form of 行く iku]
  • が ga - but
  • それは sore wa - as for all that...
  • 悪夢 aku mu - nightmare [lit. bad dream]
  • に終わった ni owatta - ended in

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