October 26, 2017

たわごと Talk Nonsense


talk nonsense

tawa goto
Talk Nonsense

言 goto word, statement, speak

言葉 koto ba - language, word [B]
うわ言 uwa goto - talk in delirium [A]
言語学 gen go gaku - linguistics [A]

Quite naturally, a scene of Gojira helping a little old (blue-haired) lady across the street.



mezurashiku jibun o mitsume naoshita gojira wa BOKU WA NAKANAKA II HITO DA. TADA GOKAI SARETA DAKE DA. to tawagoto o itta.
In a rare moment of introspection, Godzilla babbled, 'I'm a nice guy - Just misunderstood.'

  • 珍しく mezurashiku - rare; uncommon
  • 自分 ji bun - oneself
  • 見つめ直した mitsume naoshita - look hard at and redo or fix
  • ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla
  • 僕 boku - I; me
  • なかなか nakanaka - fairly; quite; very
  • いい人 ii hito - nice guy
  • ただ tada - just; simply; its just...
  • 誤解された go kai sareta - (I) was ...ed [Passive voice showing what happened to himself]
  • だけだ dake da - only; just
  • と to - quotation what follows is a quotation
  • 言った itta - said simple past of IU (to say)

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