October 26, 2017

Strong (Iron) Man

鉄人 (てつじん)

(strong) iron man

tetsu jin
Strong (Iron) Man

鉄 tetsu iron
人 jin man, person

地下鉄 chi ka tetsu - subway (not the restaurant!) [B]
鉄道 tetsu dou - rail road (iron road) [I]
大人 otona - adult [B]
火星人 ka sei jin - Martian [I]
外国人 gai koku jin - foreigner [B]

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muteki no tetsujin bobu wa, natsu no kosame de sabita.
Bob, the invincible Iron Man rusted in a light summer sprinkle.

  • 無敵 mu teki - invincible; unrivaled (no enemies strong enough to challenge)
  • ボブ bobu - Bob (a tough sounding name like the Fonz)
  • 夏 natsu - summer
  • の no -  a light sprinkle OF the summer
  • 小雨 ko same - light rain [Another way would be to say, "karui ame" (light rain)
  • で de - in [He rusted because of being IN the rain]
  • 錆びた sabita - rusted from sabiru

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