the truth

the truth

 shin real, truth
jitsu fruit, substance, truth

写真 sha shin - photograph [B]
実は jitsu wa - actually, really [B]
真っ直ぐ massugu - forward, straight [B]
ki no mi - nut, berry, fruit [B]

Pochi kept a dark, dark secret from his master.



shinjitsu ga barechatta. inu no pochi wa neko zuki datta.
The truth has been revealed! Pochi the dog was a cat lover. 

  • ばれる bareru - exposed; reveal; leak out (a secret)
  • ばれちゃった barechatta - (unfortunately) the truth was revealed [the chatta / shimatta form is often used to show regret or the fact that the results were unintended]
  • inu - dog
  • ポチ pochi - Pochi [a common or stereotypical name for dogs like Fido in English]
  • 猫好き neko zuki - lover of cats [猫 neko (cat) + 好き suki (to like - becomes zuki when attached to nouns)] another example is sakezuki [lover of drinking]
  • だった datta - was

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