roudou wa meisei no chichi to iwarete iru.
Toil, as they say, is the father of fame.

Today’s famous saying is from the Greek tragedian Euripides (Εὐριπίδης and in Japanese, エウリピデス). Euripides was one of the three famous writers of Greek tragedies in ancient Greece. He is so famous, in fact, he now has his own page at Wikipedia. Here it is.

Πόνος γὰρ ὡς λέγουσιν, εὐκλεϊης, πατὴρ.
For Toil, as they say, is the father of fame.

And here is a Japanese vocabulary:

  • 労働 roudou (manual) labor; toil
  • 名声 meisei fame; renown; reputation
  • chichi father
  • 名声の父 meisei no chichi the ‘father’ of fame
  • と言われている to iwarete iru it is said…

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