November 10, 2021

腕相撲 Arm Wrestling

腕相撲 (うでずもう)

arm wrestling

ude zumou
arm wrestling

腕 arm

相撲 sumo [the sound changes to "zumou"]

腕時計 ude dokei - wrist watch[B]
指相撲 yubi zumou - thumb wrestling [B]
腕立て伏せ ude tate fuse - push-ups (exercise) [A]

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udezumou sekai chanpion sanjuuyonsai no ba-na-do. youchien bumon.

World arm wrestling champion 34-year old Bernard. Kindergarten division.

  • 腕相撲【うでずもう】arm wrestling
  • 世界【せかい】チャンピオン world champion
  • 34歳【さんじゅうよんさい】age 34
  • の (modifier that describes Bernard's age)
  • バーナード Bernard* 幼稚園【ようちえん】kindergarten
  • 部門【ぶもん】division (of sport, etc.)

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