April 7, 2023

Using ChatGPT to Learn Japanese – Translation Practice

Here are the prompts used in today's video:

**** Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced Students ****

GPT 4 can be fed the prompt as one paragraph (see bottom). GPT 3.5 (the free version) needs to be split in the following commands.

GPT 3.5 Version: 

Give me a [beginner | intermediate | advanced | JLPT N4 | Etc.] level Japanese vocabulary word. Write it in Japanese followed by the kana.

Give me an example sentence of that word. Do not translate that example sentence into English.

Critique this translation: [Add translation attempt] 

[Note: We want to make sure it doesn't spit out romaji or translate the sentence.] 

GPT 4 Version:

You are my Japanese teacher. Give me a [beginner | intermediate | advanced | JLPT N4 | Etc.] advanced level vocabulary word. Then give me an example sentence using that word. Do not give me the English translation. I will then translate the sentence and you will critique my translation.

-- You can also tell it to give you "5 vocabulary words" and "5 example sentences". 

At least with version 4, it will number them, and you can answer by prefacing your translation with that number. 

This is just one example. You can do many more things like:

Create a 5-question multiple choice quiz on JLPT N4 grammar.


Give me a lesser known haiku by Matsuo Basho and breakdown the vocabulary and then explain the meaning.

Give it a try!

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