June 21, 2018

Advanced Word of the Day – いきなり [suddenly; abruptly]

The Japanese Page Word of The Day - Suddenly-Abruptly

Word of the Day: June 21, 2018



MEANING: suddenly; abruptly; all of a sudden; without warning



A small child suddenly jumped into the street.


小さな 【ちいさな】 small
子供 【こども】 child
道路 【どうろ】 road; highway
飛び出して 【とびだして】 jumping out; leaping out
きた [adds the meaning “to do” or “come back and…”]

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  • I looked into ~ていく and ~くる. Is it safe to say that: Verb + ていく describes a motion going away from the place where the speaker is, Verb + てくる describes a motion coming towards the place where the speaker is, and that 飛び出す can be conjugated with out ~てくる?And also when it is used, is it to add emphasis to the sentence?

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