May 18, 2018
The Japanese Page Word of the Day - Winning the prize

Advanced Word of the Day – 入賞 [winning a prize in a contest]

The Japanese Page Word of the Day - Winning the prize

Word of the Day: May 18, 2018



noun | にゅうしょう

MEANING: winning a prize in a contest



He is working hard to achieve the goal of winning the prize.



目指し 【めざし】 is made of 目 (eye) and 指し (point to). Your eye is focused on something.


彼 【かれ】 he
入賞 【にゅうしょう】 winning a prize or placing in a contest
目指して 【めざして】 aiming
努力している 【どりょくしている】 making a great effort to…

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