雪女 (ゆきおんな)

Yukionna; snow woman

The 雪女 is a youkai in Japanese folklore that appears on snowy nights in the mountains. Often she is beautiful (but she can also be an older lady) and, if evil, she freezes her victims to death. 

yuki onna
Snow Woman

雪 yuki snow
女 onna woman

大雪 oo yuki - heavy snow [B]
初雪 hatsu yuki - first snow of the season [I]
彼女 kanojo - she, her, girlfriend [B]
女の子 onna no ko - girl [B]



furorida ni sunde iru hitobito ni totte, yuki onna wa amari kowakunain desu.
As for people living in Florida, the Yuki Onna isnt very scary.

  • フロリダ furorida - Florida
  • に住んでいる ni sunde iru - living in
  • 人々 hito bito - people [The 々 means to repeat the kanji. It means the same as 人人]
  • にとって ni totte - as for...
  • あまり怖くないんです amari kowakunai n desu - not very scary [the amari means *very* and is used with negative sentences. The n just before desu is often used when explaining something]

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