弓を引く (ゆみ  ひ  )

rise up against

yumi o hiku
Draw the bow; rise up against...

弓 yumi bow
を o [direct object marker]
引く hiku to pull, draw

弓道 kyuu dou - Japanese archery [I]
割引 wari biki - discount, 10% off, [B]
引越し hikkoshi - to move (to a different house or area) [B]

So you see how important it is to study kanji! - Yumi



yatto, pu-san no kobun tachi wa risou teki na kakureba o mitsuketa.
At last! Pooh's henchmen found the ideal hiding place

  • 由美 yumi - Yumi (girl's name) [Just happens to have the same pronunciation as bow - of course I didn't exploit this fact...
    さん san - added to names for politeness; similar to Miss (or Mr.)]
  • ブルータス buru-tasu - Brutus (of et tu Brutus fame)
  • と to - and
  • シーザー shi-za- - Ceasar
  • に弓を引きました。 ni yumi o hikimashita - drew the bow against [The NI shows where the action goes - in this case "against"]

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