March 12, 2023

短文チャレンジ #1 – 福井県

短文(たんぶん)チャレンジ – Fukui Prefecture

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Read the news, cultural articles, and history notes in levels

How to improve your Japanese vocabulary and reading skills with 100 Word Challenge. While you can approach these lessons in any order, here are a few tips:

  • Review the Key Vocabulary below
  • Read the story in either the EASY version or the native-level  NORMAL version or both (Click or tap the tabs to view the essay)
  • Read again while listening to the audio
  • Listen to the audio alone
  • Take the quiz to test sentence structure and understanding. The first few questions are based on the simplified article and the last are based on the native-level article.
  • Lastly, leave a comment about the article ! Let us know what you think!

Fukui prefecture has many other attractions not mentioned in the essays. For example, it has one of the world's largest dinosaur museums and Sabae city is well-known for its eye-glass production.


Mouse over or tap to see the furigana

  • 福井県(ふくいけん) Fukui Prefecture
  • 日本(にほん)中部地方(ちゅうぶちほう) Chubu region of Japan
  • 位置(いち)する located
  • (けん)  prefecture
  • 人口(じんこう) population
  • およそ approximately
  • 77万人(まんにん) 770,000 people
  • 日本海(にほんかい) Sea of Japan
  • (めん)して facing
  • 自然豊(しぜんゆた)かな rich in nature
  • 場所(ばしょ) place
  • たくさん many; a lot of
  • (たと)えば for example
  • 山々(やまやま) mountains
  • 海岸線(かいがんせん) coastline
  • (みずうみ) lake
  • おいしい delicious
  • (こめ) rice
  • 観光地(かんこうち) tourist spot
  • 芦原温泉(あわらおんせん) Awara Onsen
  • 三方五湖(みかたごこ) Mikata Five Lakes
  • 歴史的(れきしてき)な historical
  • 遺産(いさん) heritage
  • 文化財(ぶんかざい) cultural asset
  • 豊富(ほうふ) abundant
  • 永平寺(えいへいじ) Eiheiji Temple
  • 越前大仏(えちぜんだいぶつ) Echizen Great Buddha
  • 史跡(しせき) historic site
  • 農業(のうぎょう) agriculture
  • 漁業(ぎょぎょう) fishing industry
  • (さか)んで thriving
  • 福井県産米(ふくいけんさんまい) rice produced in Fukui Prefecture
  • ブランド(まい) branded rice
  • いちほまれ Ichihomare (brand of rice)
  • 鮮魚(せんぎょ) fresh fish
  • 全国的(ぜんこくてき)に nationally
  • 有名(ゆうめい) famous
  • 自然(しぜん) nature
  • 歴史(れきし) history
  • 共存(きょうぞん)する coexist
  • よく()られています well-known
  • 魅力的(みりょくてき)な attractive

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  • Thank you for taking the time to do this, it is a terrific exercise. “Just 100 words!” You got me to do it. 😉

    • Awesome! I started with about 500 words and thought, this is too much. I think 100 (give or take a bit) is just enough to actually contain information but be short enough to work through.

  • Great! Thanks a lot for the texts. Two tiny things: in the “normal” text there is no pronunciation for shiseki at the end of line 5; there is a “strange” (?) pronunciation for Echizen Daibutsu in key vocabulary.

    • Ah! Thank you. I should have proofread better. I was in a rush to get this published since we had to go somewhere, but it’s fixed now. Thanks for that.

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