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Bad Girl - Who said working was uncool? -

This show uses the kanji 悪女 but is pronounced 「わる」 as you can see from the logo. Sometimes kanji with an unexpected furigana is used to expand the meaning or add nuance.

The lead is played by 今田美桜(いまだみお) (If you are a Shogun, Lifetime member, or have purchased the Japanese Names course, click here for her page) and her character is named 田中(たなか)麻理鈴(まりりん) . 麻理鈴(まりりん) is not a common given Japanese name. In this scene, we'll learn why she is named "Maririn."

The key phrase for today's lesson is:



[Coworker] どなた?

Who are you?

Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] 今日(きょう)から配属(はいぞく)になりました田中(たなか)です。田中(たなか)麻理鈴(まりりん)

I'm Tanaka, I've been assigned to you from today. Tanaka Marilyn.

Vocabulary & Notes

[Coworker] マリリン?


Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] 本名(ほんみょう)です。()んだじいちゃんがマリリンモンローのファンでして、「初孫(はつまご)(おとこ)だろうが、(おんな)だろうが、『マリリン』という()()けよ」という遺言(ゆいごん)で。

It's my real name. My grandfather, who died, was a Marilyn Monroe fan, and his last will and testament said, "The first grandchild, male or female, should be named Marilyn."

Vocabulary & Notes

If you missed the first part in which Maririn is at the company orientation, click here.

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