June 27, 2022

Learn Japanese with Dramas 悪女~働くのがカッコ悪いなんて誰が言った?~ Using やる気

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Bad Girl - Who said working was uncool? -

This show uses the kanji 悪女 but is pronounced 「わる」 as you can see from the logo. Sometimes kanji with an unexpected furigana is used to expand the meaning or add nuance.

The lead is played by 今田美桜(いまだみお) (If you are a Shogun, Lifetime member, or have purchased the Japanese Names course, click here for her page) and her character is named 田中(たなか)麻理鈴(まりりん) . 麻理鈴(まりりん) is not a common given Japanese name. The second scene (click here for that) in this lesson series will explain where her name came from. (In the show, she explains the origin of her name every time she meets someone.)

This lesson is 田中(たなか)さん at her orientation. She just joined the workforce at the huge company called オウミ. Unfortunately, the company president's speech is long and boring. She misinterprets a nudge to wake up as a nudge to give a self-introduction.

The key phrase for today's lesson is:



[Company President] (きみ)たちに(もと)めるのは、(あい)です。オウミへの(あい)

What I seek from you all is love. Love for Oumi.

Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] もう()めません。

I can't drink anymore.

Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] はい。田中(たなか)麻理鈴(まりりん)滋賀県(しがけん)出身(しゅっしん)

Right! My name is Tanaka Maririn. I'm from Shiga prefecture. 

Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] やる体力たいりょくには自信じしんあります。

I have confidence in my motivation and stamina.

Vocabulary & Notes

[Maririn] すいません。


Vocabulary & Notes

The second scene is 田中(たなか)麻理鈴(まりりん) introducing herself to her coworkers. Click here to view that lesson.


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