March 18, 2020

Japanese Traditional Songs – Sakura さくら


Cherry Blossoms
Author Unknown

The first verse below was the original lyrics, but in Showa 16 (1941), the Ministry of Education revised the lyrics (presented below the original lyrics)

Original Lyrics

さくら さくら

sakura sakura
Cherry blossoms; cherry blossoms


弥生(やよい)(そら)は 見渡(みわた)すかぎり

yayoi no sora wa miwatasu kagiri
The spring sky–as far as you can see


(かすみ)(くも)か (にお)いぞ())ずる

kasumi ka kumo ka nioizo izuru
Is it a mist? Is it a cloud? The fragrance comes out!


いざや いざや ()にゆかん

iza ya iza ya mi ni yukan
Come now, let’s go see.


Revised Lyrics

さくら さくら

sakura sakura
Cherry blossoms; cherry blossoms


野山(のやま)(さと)も ()わたす(かぎ)

no yama mo sato mo miwatasu kagiri
The hills and fields and countryside also as far as you can see


かすみか(うん)か 朝日(あさひ)ににおう

kasumika kumo ka asahi ni niou
Is it a mist? Is it a cloud? Fragrant in the morning sunlight


さくら さくら (はな)ざかり

sakura sakura hana zakari
Cherry blossoms; cherry blossoms – flowers in full bloom


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    • Yep. That was Yumi. Many years ago. I remember Yumi was pregnant, and her mother got on to me (Clay) for making her exert herself by singing. True story.

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